Looking at purchasing one of these for the space

This will be for the omni speaker in the warehouse

Though while I’m at it I would get the new chromecast as well.

So for $50 (plus a bit for postage) you could be the owner of any of the above.
Any takers?

Placing my order tonight at the space.

Purchase has been put off until next Tuesday. So if you want in you have till next Tuesday.

Seems the Chromecast 2 is available in stores now; (audio too)

Should save you some on the conversion/shipping

So the Audo chrome cast has been installed.

I have placed the Bluetooth dongle in the chrome box and placed it behind the phone in the metal shop.

Depending how well it works with everyone else’s devices it could be swapped back.

During my testing I was running into the skipping bug described here!topic/chromecast/uDFWSxBjqAM;context-place=forum/chromecast

Otherwise it was producing some good beats.
Would be interested in knowing how everyone else goes with it.
I was using a iPhone (Spotify prem) so I hope there is more supporting apps on Android.