Circ du Soleil

So I just finished talking to the props manager of circ du soleil and he told me that the technical team in there would have loved to know about HSBNE… Why didn’t they know about us? He told me that they could have given HSBNE so much work with the mills and lathes and the 3d printers and expensive lighting gear which has now been delivered to the Woodford folk festival. They will be donating gear tomorrow but in my opinion we really screwed up this time.

Well damn, that sucks big time :’(

They didn’t know about us because we don’t have anyone who is seriously interacting with the community. Nor do we have a simple sentence or paragraph to sum up what we do. Heck, we could have advertised to the thousands of cars passing by but we didn’t.

It’s just a matter of the people who can do that kind of stuff don’t, or are getting worn out doing admin stuff in the exec.

Yeah, we screwed up, now someone needs to put their hand up to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

A scrolling LED sign was fitted in the window right where the traffic bottleneck is, advertising us to the stuck cars. But peoplepower for outreach and advertising is lacking because core people/the exec are all busy in other areas. I put in ~2 hours a week in outreach advertising effort but that’s literally all I have time for, without cutting back time in another area. (who do you think manages our Google AdWords? :stuck_out_tongue: Or does a lot of our social media? For instance I did 100% of all Facebook posts in March, and almost half of all site blog posts this year).

If you or anyone else wants to put their hand up to help out in a specific or general area for outreach, that’d be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: We’re a do-ocracy and unless someone volunteers to do something, it won’t happen.

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Yeah, I can tell you that is the case. I’m running out of steam to even beg people to help. We super need a PR person who only focuses on networking and advertising. I’m not sure if people realise the load of work involved with HSBNE.

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If anyone wants to do something that’s super awsome, though just shoot the exec a quick email first so we don’t double dip.
Realy this should be an accessible list.
Wiki page maybe?

The led sign was a fantastic idea! I will be talking with circ today but they won’t be back for another two years.

Im not sure I see what exactly we could have done with them. Lots of businesses have lots of work for these machines, were not really set up to be able to do it for them though. We can do A LOT of stuff at HSBNE, what we cant do is volume or speed, which is what most businesses are going to need.

What was the go with lighting? Did they give it away for free or something?

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When I was vice president we organized free advertising with 4zzz (community radio station) in exchange for helping out with jobs, like fixing doors and technical jobs. I could try to contact them again if someone is interested in helping out.
They have lots of issues we could help with easily.