Clean as a whistle

I hate posting about stuff I do at the space, it honestly makes me feel like:

But people keep telling me to post about it, so I’ll relent.

I’ve been sweeping, tidying, cleaning, oiling, maintaining etc. Every time I come to the space these days, my aim is to leave the machine shop, with at least one small thing better than when I arrived. Be it making a new tool, maintaining an old one, or just tidying up a neglected corner or something like that, just a single thing thats better than when I arrived.

Every time before I leave, I sweep the entire shop. Its amazing when the floor doesn’t feel like walking on gravel.

I’ve got the welding corner to a point now that it feels clean, open and ready for work.

The small lathe is as functional as possible. I plan to strip it down and give it a full service soon, its well overdue for it. I made a dedicated tool for the tool post angle adjustment dealy out of an old socket welded to some pipe because I was forever looking for the spanner to do it. The tools and tool holders all have a home which I made ages ago, but never really put into good use. I put those tools, in those places every time I use them in the hope that if I keep doing it, people will catch on to that system.

Same deal with the mill, but still needs some fine tuning. I’ve been diddling about with an encoder etc to put a “feed speed readout” on the X-Axis auto feed. Itd be really handy to know a precise feed speed when milling. Right now all you can really do is take a wild stab in the dark as to how fast its travelling, so it’ll be a welcome addition.

Planning to document these small improvements in this thread in the future. It would make me ecstatic to see that from other folk too.


Thanks for doing this Karl. I know it feels like tooting your own horn but it’s important that everyone sees people working to improve the space.