Clean the Desoldering iron Immediately After Use

This might be a no brainer to some of us who have them at home/have used them at work but many people aren’t familiar with the cleaning requirements of the Vacuum Desoldering Iron

So, to clarify:
When you have finished using the Vacuum Desoldering Iron (the one with the gun trigger grip) make sure you hold the tip towards the roof and hold the trigger for 10-30 seconds. If you don’t, the solder you have sucked will solidify in the cold part of the chamber which requires disassembly and reaming out to fix.

If I have to fix it again I’ll be very disappointed.

The lack of suction is the main cause of the clogging of the tip.
You should be cleaning the filter to provide good suction,
which in turn will help with better desoldering and less likely the tip gets clogged.