Clean Up Day 19th of April, Working Bee 26th of April

Hey all,

We still have lots of cleanup to do, especially since that awning has come
down. As well as that, because the awning has come down we now have to
repair the end of the building so that the roof does not fly off and expose
the mill. (Thanks Sam for pointing that out to me. Until we can get up
there properly we might just have to use some rope to secure it.)

So, I’m proposing a $250 budget for the workday, to be approved at a
meeting, so that we can hire a scissor lift for the day and fix the end of
that building, and also fix up all the various holes in the warehouse roof,
now that we seem to have an abundance of roofing materials. The rest of the
money will be on minor consumables, screws, liquid nails etc.

There are, of course, lots of other things to be improved at a working bee,
so come along and see how you can help out.

But first! To even get to the building in order to work on it we need to
continue to clean up the space. I’ve organised today (again) to get another
scrap metal bin so we can continue to dispose of stuff that way. We need
everyone who has a ute and everyone who has a trailer or can pull a trailer
to turn up and do dump runs. If you don’t have those, turn up and help load!

Lets all pull together and give that great big last push to really solve
these problems once and for all.


I informed Sid at the time when I discovered the damage, but so the rest of the group knows as well, I’d like to point out that as of the 29th of March there was damage to the fence between us & the SeeD group. We deduced that the most likely culprit was by a falling beam from the covered area during its disassembly. We did our best to try to put the barbed wire back up again. Additionally, with my experience in the building industry as a guide for how long things should take, they should’ve been finished by now for this scale of job, however the area is still roped off with materials lying around so I highly doubt they’re done.

I’d be hesitant about doing anything to the roof, or moving absolutely anything in that area until we know for certain that the builders are done. If they haven’t already, someone on the exec may want to ask our landlord for a time estimate regarding this, plus to let her know about the fence damage the builders caused.

Thanks Mike.

The biggest concern at the moment is the fact that a storm could very easily tear part of the roof off and expose the mill to the elements. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen any rain in brisbane recently :wink:

So, if the builders are still going, they need to get a wriggle on lest they incur us damage, or we need to finish it for them.

And the radar forecasts thunderstorms & rain from Saturday onwards, with winds picking up on Monday… Hmmm… :wink:

As much as I agree that something should be done, because it’s a construction site we open ourselves up to liability & responsibility issues if we start doing anything there without permission & coordination from those in charge. They really shouldn’t have left the site without even attempting to secure things - not just because it’s against the code but because they’ve opened themselves up to all the liability if the roof rips off & damages anyone or anything. Not that I’m saying we should just leave it be, but before anyone touches anything, we need to talk to the landlord and/or the contractors.

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Just to give an idea of numbers, I won’t be in for the 19th but intend to be there for the 26th :smile:

Hi All!

Just a reminder that this is on tomorrow. I’ll probably be there from 11am.
Please come along and help us continue to clean up our hackerspace.

Hello again!

The builders have fixed the biggest concern that we wanted to fix this weekend, so I’m going to call off the workday this weekend. I’ll organise another one soon!

In other news, I’m getting us our 3rd scrap metal skip this week, and we’ll probably fill that one too. We still need to organise removal of all that scrap wood and general trash around the space. I’m estimating we’d happily fill a 8sqm or larger skip easily right now, thats a lotta trash!

Thanks for your work getting this done,
the place is starting to look good with all this stuff gone…

I propose we use that “scrap wood” to build something awesome. It would
make a great skeleton for more benches, or a gazebo someplace, or a
greenhouse, or a “stage” ( aka elevated work platform ), or any number of
other neat things. Just need fixings, a circular saw, and some
motivation!. Other ideas welcome!


Sounds like you just volunteered @buzz!

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