Cleverspace Mini ITX PC Case

I’ve designed a Mini ITX PC case which is modular and laser cutable from 6mm or 8mm material This allows it to remain a standard size (about the size of a sheet of US letter paper) while being configurable to a mini server with 6x 2.5" HDDs or a gaming computer with a 10" graphics card, all while being small enough to take on the tiniest media centre pc cases.

All lines in the designs are to be cut except the triangles on the top plates, which should be just outlined to line up the separate blocks for gluing.

Here it is on Thingiverse.

@victorv has a Nano ITX board which will fit but won’t be able to show the expansion slot in use, so if anybody has a Mini ITX motherboard they could bring along next Tuesday, it would be great to get some photos.

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Its a nice design but I’m unsure where the PSU is supposed to go?

If its at the front of the case, is there a vent for the intake and/or exhaust?

Most acrylic cases I’ve seen are made out of 10mm or 12mm material, as it has to support a fair amount of weight and stress without flexing when you pick up the case.

PSU goes at the front right of the case, drawing air across the RAM and vregs and exhausting out the right hand side of the case.

Since a m-ITX motherboard is only 170x170mm with only 4 mounting screws, 6mm should be ok for rigidity. m-ITX boards are also much stronger than m-ATX since the lower area calls for more PCB layers.