CNC router for aluminum?

Heya, I’ve got some aluminium I want to carve some text/QR codes into. I’m told the little one in the digital fab room wouldn’t be appropriate for cutting into alu. Doesn’t have to go all the way through.

I’m told that the there’s a second Sven who knows about the router in the metalwork shop, anyone know how to contact him? Doesn’t seem to respond in the forums.

@sven2 is who you want, though if he doesn’t reply @rut4ger should know how to put you in contact

You’ll have to tag me if you want me on the forums, I’m not often here but if I get a notification about it I’ll check.
Yes the cnc in the metalwork shop is my creation, and I’m happy to help you with your project. If you are in tomorrow night come say hi and I’ll take a look at what I can do for you