Collaborative Project- Swords

Every year I run a big strongman competition, and as part of this athletes have the chance of taking out a series of competitions I run at different gyms through out the year.

First year @Wixted helped me with making some cast aluminium bronze hammers (slightly smaller and more-gold version of this)

Last year I made some hand-carved axes:

So, logically, this year I have to make swords :sweat_smile:

I need to make somewhere between 5-8 of them, they can’t cost a horrendous amount ($30-$50 each would be great) and can’t be too time consuming. I’ve had a few ideas of how I could easily achieve this, but always open to suggestions.

I don’t have the time to forge 8 full swords, so I would be getting a large proportion of each one laser cut.


There’s a few different types of sword that come to mind, (I’ve done longsword and rapier) but if you want something simple and obviously sword-y, I’d suggest a roman gladius, as it’s a fairly easy shape, and you could make either wood or leather stacking for the handle. The guard and pommel can be made from the same stuff, but might take a bit of time for carving.

Another idea, for something even simpler, is a dussack, there are forms that are very simple and made in one piece, but you do have the option of adding fancy handguards if you wish.

Also, may I suggest tridents for next year? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I should probably add one thing - I think these probably have to be metal :sweat_smile:

Whaaaaaat? No!

In that case, dussack is probably the easier bet for one cut and done-

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I’ve gone a totally different route, and want to have as much of this fabricated for me as possible. The handle will be wrapped with something, however this is the sort of style I think will be quick and easy.

I think I will have to add something decorative across the guard as it’s a bit simple for me at this stage