Come live with me :)

Big 5 bedroom, 2 level, LGBTQI friendly house. Seeking one or two relaxed, friendly, open minded housemates.

The rooms available are 3.5m * 3.5m each. Theres a newly renovated kitchen that opens out onto a big back deck. A big living room, my bedroom and office is downstairs. The living room has a large powerful aircon unit that we can direct into the bedrooms, great in summer. There’s also lots of awesome concertina windows that really open the whole house out.

There’s a solar hot water system on the roof, so the hot water is both cheap and essentially unlimited.

The house backs onto a park that also has a large fenced dog park, and theres another park down the road with sports facilities. Just past that is a 7 eleven and shopping center. We’re 2 minutes walk from 2 different train stations (Fairfield and Dutton Park) and theres a heap of buses that go up and down fairfield road. Theres a World Gym, 24hr, really good facilities just 7min drive away.

I’ve put in 100/5 mb/s Unlimited Internet and solid 11ac (ie as fast as gigabit) wifi everywhere. This house is armed to the teeth, technology wise.

I’m pretty flexible on how to put people in. If you want to have the run of the top two rooms, maybe have an office, the rent is $275/w plus bills. If we put two people in, its $175 for each room plus bills.

Bond will be paid to the RTA directly and is 4x the weekly rental rate. The lease will be between you (as a subtenant) and me and we can work out any details to sort us there. I’m quite on point with the paperwork, keeps everyone and everything in good shape.

Bills are essentially just Power (last one was $566/qtr for 2 people) and Internet ($111/m), shared amongst all tenants equally unless otherwise negotiated. We typically also all pay for a cleaner to come through fortnightly, helps keep the house clean and happy for approx $10 a week each. $50 a week in bills more or less, which seems in line with most places.

Lifestyle wise, it’s pretty laid back. I like to throw the odd party here and there, but how the house runs really comes down to who lives in it, so drop me a line and lets make it happen :slight_smile:

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