Consumables and SDS

Hi Everyone,
Looking to get some idea of how we want to handle consumables and SDS in Craftpunk. We have been asked to have an SDS printed out and linked in Wiki for the various stuffs we have in Craftpunk. There is a lot of stuff. Do we want to cull anything?

ADHESIVES - I’d like to suggest we keep
hotglue gun glue sticks.

Not - Contact adhesive. It’s stinky and always goes off before you get to finish it.

Sewing machine oil
Vacum pump Oil

Jeweley pickle
tumblex gleam
silver solder

PAINT - Is there too many spray paints in Craftpunk?
Spray cans
Airbrush paints
sublimation ink

Other things?

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Maybe some generic epoxy too? That’s quite useful for a lot of projects. It is quite expensive though so it might not be something we want to stock.

Do you mean a 5min epoxy for adhesive or larger quantities for ‘finishing’ surfaces. I think the first is an ok idea, but the second is more of a material that members would supply for their own project. Just my thoughts.


Sorry didn’t see your reply. Yeah I more so meant the 5/15 min type “stick these things together really well”. Would be super useful for random 3D prints/cosplay etc.