Container dome end, steel with roller door

Are we interested in this

Cost $1100 -$1200

So I spent a little time looking into these, and it’s great they’re now available, but I think we’re still better served by pushing ahead with my original proposal here

Firstly the final cost estimate in that thread is for four walls, front and back of both container domes. This places it as a relatively similar price, but self built is potentially much cheaper with recycled materials.

Secondly, the walls in my proposal will primarily be solid walls, which will allow us to hang equipment & tooling from them, something we can’t do with the PVC walls.

Finally, I am hoping to run chimney’s through the walls, which is much easier with the solid walls. There is also less risk of melting the wall/ starting a fire from radiant heat from the chimneys.

I like the fire proof version

I should also mention the main hold up has also been the cashflow issues that the space has been experiencing, once that starts moving again in the next couple of weeks I will start purchasing parts under the already approved budget.