Container planning

  • Approval to put container at rear - Complete
  • Approval to take down fence for access - fence should be no problem, center pole (marked 4.75) to be confirmed
  • Purchase and organize delivery
  • Working bee to cleanup rear of woodshop/metalshop - demolition of concrete surround. (need an electrician to deal with the power going to the compressor).
  • Delivery of container
  • Working bee to move compressor and dust extractor into container (need electrician to hook up power).
  • Needs to be a natural order, preferably so that the down time of the compressor system is not long.

I have measured up the space

I will contact some trucking companies to see what the best option is.
Current thoughts are for a side loading/unloading delivery

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Need to also consider the trees
Google Photos

Google Photos

I measured out a rough location (needs to go further back due to slope at boneyard end)
Google Photos


Thank you for doing all that!

So i have been discussing with a few people the layout of the container
here is my idea…

With the dust collector, consider there’s a drum and a plastic bag you have to be able to remove, one on either side of it. Not sure you’ll be able to get to one without taking off the other if it’s oriented that way

the drawing is obviously not to scale…
fair enough though… we need to consider that in this when we build it.