Contributing to the Shop

Hey guys,

I’ve just gotten back from a fortnight away, and was surprised to see somewhat passive aggressive notes on the bandsaw which has been sitting without a blade for quite some time now.

We’re all adults here. If there is an issue in the shop, I -want- people to take personal responsibility to fix things. If consumables are missing and you desperately need them, ask somebody like myself or any of the other members who have been here for a while, and somebody will be able to tell you where to get it from. If it’s something you want to be reimbursed for, please ask me or any of the exec as they’ve all got a pretty good idea what we will be reimbursing members for. If it’s cleaning up a bit of equipment (such as the lathe which I just found absolutely filthy), please clean it.

It’s the sum of little actions like that which make the whole area run so much better, instead of relying on a handful of people to have to do everything.


Is there a procedure up somewhere on where/how to replace the blades in the bandsaw? I dare say I could go look for it on the web, but if there’s an officially recommended guide, that could be a big help.

Mind you, there are better people than yours truly to be changing such a critical component of a potentially dangerous piece of equipment. Hence it is probably better that this be left to someone who knows how to operate one of these things.

That said… I agree there are better ways to handle this then demanding to know “when” something will be done. It isn’t a good look.

Remove guard, put blade on the right way around, tension a pinch, guard back on, turn saw on and let it run for a few minutes making sure everything looks good, tighten the tension handle until you’re just off the green and into red (blade should ring like an instrument when ‘twoinged’, not sound dull).

It’s fairly intuitive, and very hard to do wrong (worst thing you’ll get is the blade popping off, or some scratches if you’re not careful).

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