Convert from PUNbb 1.4.4

I have a forum running under punBB version 1.4.4 with extension PUN-attachments.

I would like to migrate to WPForo.
Is there a converter because I do not want to lose my 26000 posts.
Thank you.

Google says that both forums use php and a database like mysql, so you at least have options.
I have a cursory look for export tools, found none.
You could do it at the database layer with a bunch of complex SQL statements that copy your punbb into a new database that is in wpforo format and otherwise empty, and iterate till the sql brings all the data across that you want, ie users and posts etc.
You could also turn on sql statement logging in your new database, then create a new user or post in its gui, then review the sql statements it used to make a new user and copy them in bulk populating from the old db.
Finally, if you find it easier, you could wrapper up the sql statements with some php code, depends.