Convert Weelye control board to Arduino for electric ride on car


I have an electric ride on car (advertised/sold many places, but for the sake of an example Twin (Two) Seater Toyota FJ-40 Officially Licensed Off Road Kids Ride — )

The car is in-cabin controlled and also has a parent/external remote control. The existing control module is a weelye RX74-4, which google tells me is the same as a RX30. Which would make sense, given that the sticker on the box is RX74-4, but the actual board is stamped RX30-G1.

The car/weelye is advertised as soft start/soft stop, but the ‘soft stop’ is not soft at all - it basically locks up all four wheels (I don’t know if its shorting the motors, or temporarily engaging reverse mode, or something else - I know very little about electronics!). After much googling, I’ve discovered this is very common complaint, with basically no solutions. I have found a few people who’ve had success with swapping the weelye board to an arduino (jokergod2000 on reddit is the best example I’ve seen ).

Basically I was hoping to hire someone to build an Arduino controller to replace the weelye controller. Another suggestion i’ve seen is to use a PWM (such as ) but this solution is not compatible with the parent remote control, and my daughter cannot be trusted to steer haha, so I think some kind of arduino board might be the solution I’m looking for?