CONVID-19 - Healthcare workers Facemask -Design/ Help


I am a product design engineer who has moved to Brisbane nine months ago from Scotland (it’s a long story!)

My design engineering company 4c has recently produced a free, open-source design for an easy to make face shield for frontline workers in the during Convid19.

I thought I’d write to make you aware of this, in case there becomes a shortage of these in Brisbane in the coming months.

In terms of the outbreak, I think Scotland is two or three weeks ahead of us here in Queensland.

I thought the maker space might have the facilities and type of people who could help turn out a number of these if needed. Our team based in Inverness collaborated with another company and made 1000 masks with <five people over a week. The design is simple, doesn’t require any special technology or 3D manufacturing techniques.

Please share - Open Source Visor/Face-shield Design

Over the last week, we have come up with a design for a disposable, face-shield for frontline healthcare staff which we are making open-source to any who wish to manufacture it. Some details:

  • It does not require any 3D printing

  • It is made of commonly available materials

  • It has had ICU staff input into the design

  • It has been worn by ICU staff in action with excellent feedback

This is open source to all, and can be made worldwide - our only restrictions are:

  • please give design credit to the Corran Project

  • we don’t want these sold at inflated prices - they are for the common good. Non-profit manufacture, please.

All details here, including manufacturing drawings, guidance and FAQs.

Any questions or feedback please email

#ppe #makers #manufacture #innovation

I hope this helps and is of interest. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Robin Smith

M. 0407912099
Grange, Brisbane

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Good to see an alternative option that doesn’t rely on 3D printers :slight_smile: