Cool Tools

I’ve been on a bit of a walkabout today looking at various cool tools, either things you can buy or things you can build. I’m going to start posting each one in here for everyones interest.

If you want to discuss a tool, Please make a new thread, see, look over to the right of this post, theres a button right there for it, which means people will be able to see it from this thread. Awesome :smile:

If you want to post a tool, feel free to reply.


It’s a bluetooth, smartphone app enabled multimeter. It looks freaking awesome. Nice graphing capabilites, you can gang up multiple ones, and also read 2 inputs (like voltage and current) simultaneously.


Tesla Coil Winder

Hand winding? How old fashioned. Everything in the future is about automation good buddy.

Trinocular Boom Microscope

Magnifying glasses and soldering sucks. Admit it, it just does. If you’re insane like me, and much richer than me, here’s an awesome solution:

100 Ton Press

I love this video, the guy cracks me up. The tool is fantastic too, a big press like that is a super handy thing to have.

Saws, so many saws.

Well… 2. But still. We have a huge pile of motors, surely some of them can be turned into useful little tools like these?

Mini bench saw

Bastli 700w Circular Saw

I moved a post to a new topic: Mini Bench Saw

Ripper, the different CNC

This looks like an extremely well thought out and solid table cnc build. Who’s keen for the hackerspace to build one? :stuck_out_tongue: