Copper Por Favore

Hey guys,

I have a project coming up where I’ll need about 20kg of copper, the cheaper the better (preferably no cost).

If anybody has some old transformers/motors/eyc around at home that they don’t want, I’d love to take them off your hands. I don’t mind spending a bit of time to strip everything down, and I’m happy to come pick it up.


Sadly people are crazy about selling copper scraps, to the extent they commonly steal working parts from yards to sell it as scrap.

The good news however is most scrap metal places will sell as well as buy, but expect to pay >$6 per kilo if its in a nice format, or less for lower quality sources like bus bars\scrap cables if your melting it down. So while donations would be perfect, depending on your budget\needs you may be able to acquire your shortfall from a retailer.

I recently bought random scrap copper from “Scott Metals” in the gabba, and
they were like “sure, go look in that mini-skip-thing over there, its for
copper, drag out what u want”, and I got a bunch of stuff that was useful
to me. :wink: