Couch for the front room - I'd like to offer a donation

I’ve blanked on the room name but the front entrance under the change swap shelf where the couch used to be… I’ve got a lovely blue couch in good condition sitting in my garage that I need to move out so I have more space for a different couch. It’s a 3 seater, clean and has no rips in the fabric!

Now the issue - I don’t have a car and carrying the couch on the motorcycle would be some crazy feat of logistical gymnastics that only a seasoned vietnamese scooter rider could pull off. So if someone with a ute or something would like to come over near indooroopilly to grab it one day - we can have a new couch to fill that spot!


Do you have any pictures of the couch? Thanks for thinking of HSBNE with this!

I’ve got a ute that we could use to move it depending on the size of the thing.

I’ve also got a couch, located in Toowong, if the HackerSpace wants it and is able to transport it before Monday afternoon. See photo. There is also a bunch of other stuff that the HackerSpace may want. See link.

Can’t find any but I’ll grab one today of part of it. There’s a few boxes on it currently but I’ll grab the measurements. I’ve also got 2 bar stools (wood and fabric) that are taking up space and maybe a few other things… I’ll make a list.

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If you can get a list and some photos, I’m happy to come pick it up tomorrow

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