Counterweight Sit/Stand Desk

I am building a Counterweight Sit/Stand Desk based on the plans

So far I have Cut Down most of the timber and started building the work surface
I bought the timber from Was pretty cheap and nice timber.

Reclaimed Timber
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Cut down
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Making Frame for Work Surface
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The Work Surface is a hollow core door that i have cut down. Cost me $30

Half-lap joints
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Frame for Work Surface braced and glued
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The cross piece and corner bracing was not in my original plan.
The frame was supposed to sit in between the door panels.
But it didn’t all go to plan.
This will be stronger, just hope that i don’t have any other issues later as the locking mechanism needs to sit under the Work Surface.
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One of a number of issues with the frame (the hole is not supposed to be there.
I will fix this up with some left over pieces of wood.
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Finally made some progress on this
Adjusted the Frame and mounted the door
Still needs some finishing to fix up a bunch of mistakes I made.
Also needs to be rounded over on the edges as it is a bit sharp

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