COVID-19 Requests

Edit to include bit about continuing membership fees.

Due to the temporary closure, HSBNE exec has been approached by several members to borrow items in order to either

A. Continue to be able to work
B. Be able to finish home projects.

Exec want to facilitate this as much as possible, particularly those that have lost work/income and are pivoting to support themselves. To do that, we ask that:

  1. All requests go through
  2. We need to know the item/s you are borrowing, and your current phone number
  3. Exec will respond with the deposit we’d require, and a written contract
  4. If you agree to pay the deposit, and sign the contract (digitally acknowledging will be enough) you can borrow the item/s
  • Exec asks that members continue their membership payments in lieu of rental fees
    We cannot agree to lend anything that is on hire to HSBNE (E.g. gas bottles)
  • While the item is in the Member’s possession they are also responsible for all consumable, maintenance and repair costs.
  • The Member agrees to be liable for any costs to return it to service once returned to site (ie if you take a welder, use all the wire, and return it empty, we will charge you for a new spool)
  • Exec will follow up with the members who have borrowed equipment when we are allowed to reopen.