Craft Punk Cause Meeting Tue Oct 1st

With the changes happening in Craftpunk I think it would be helpful to meet together and plan out a few things in regard to the Renovations and celebrate Meka’s achievements in Craftpunk.

If you have an agenda item post it below. If you can’t make it please arrange a proxy. Thanks!

Meeting straight after the General Meeting.

One of things that needs discussion is the CNC machine. It hasn’t been used in ages, Digifab don’t want it because it makes too much mess, so I asked the Woodshop cause leader Josh and Metalshop cause leader Craig if they would be interested in having it in their causes.

Woodshop- The answer is a qualified yes, if it could be made work-station ready, with a laptop with the relevant software loaded.

Metalshop- The answer is probably not, Craig will check with a couple of his members but didn’t seem confident that it would see use in Metalshop.

My other idea is that it is set up better as a workstation, with a dedicated laptop attached to it.

Hi god, it’s me again, Margaret.

Another item: Discussion of the floor and wall painting projects. Both the vinyl and the paint have been purchased, so I think a vote on whether those go forward, and planning working bees to achieve them (And the equipment required) would need to follow.

I’m pretty sure the vinyl flooring has been sold on. But I agree it would be appropriate to discuss if we want to include flooring and painting changes in the Renovations, and if yes the what and when of it.

Postponing Craftpunk Meeting - with a General Meeting, Digifab Meeting and Electric Vehicle Meetup, Tuesday is looking pretty busy. So let’s postpone the Craftpunk Meeting till the 8th.

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