Craft Punk Meeting Agenda 9/4/19

Craft Punk Cause Meeting
Date: 9/4/19
Time: 7pm


  • Schedule working bee
  • Plan working bee day
  • Vote on budget for furnature/materials/shelving/repairs for the Craft Punk room
  • Vote on budget for completing screen printing set up (wash out booth, drying rack, table for screen printing press, more screens)
  • Schedule next craft and costume event

Hi Guys, First attempt at communicating this way, soooo I hope this is ok.
I can’t make the Craftpunk meeting, Emily has my proxy, but I wanted to offer some feedback as to the Craft and Costume Meetups.
Attendance wasn’t overwhelming, but that’s ok. Sadly the day we did have a good roll up we also had an undesirable element that brought folks down. Other than that, people who did come in made stuff and had fun. I definitely think it was worth doing and trying to generate some momentum. In the lead up to SupaNova GC I think it was good to go fortnightly and alternating Saturday/Sunday. Perhaps that frequency in the lead up to BrisNova? Otherwise, going forward, I’d say monthly is fine.
I’d also support the idea that the meetups go on hold all together for a bit while we focus on revamping the Craftpunk room, and having some working bees.
Godspeed, Paula

Thanks Paula