Craft punk moving plan

As per the news of moving Craft punk has begun the process of packing. Due to the nature of craft punk we have already begun. Any projects that you haven’t finished we do apologise for the inconvenience. If you have any items loaned to the space please collect soon. If you can’t find your item I may have already packed it. Please contact me to retrieve and I’ll get it out of the box it’s in.

Many of our facilities can be packed into boxes including sewing machines and the supplies for most things. Much of it is already in tubs and won’t need to be put into cardboard boxes. In this case simply apply a number to the box and not it in the packing register as is.

The electro plater, airbrush holder, jewelry table and the biggest sublimation press etc will need to go on pallets.

At the moment we are considering selling the screen printer. Many people at the space are not familiar with its use and it appears to be missing many key components. If there is anyone who requests we keep it please speak now. All in all we’re not getting rid of much as everything in craftpunk doesn’t take up much space and can be kept on racks in a future space if we get a smaller place.

Our boxes are labelled with pink spray paint and brief description of the contents. Please make note of the barcode of each electrical item that gets packed for assets management.

Thank for you help!