Craftpunk Cause Meeting Tue 12:11:19

To keep things moving with the Craftpunk Room Refurb I’d like to call a meeting straight after the GM on Tue 12:11:19. Please be there and share your vision for Craftpunk. If you can’t make it please submit a proxy.
The principal agenda items
1 assess the works so far
2 discuss options for the future functionality of Craftpunk
3 plan the next steps

To make space for the SupaNova Shakedown we’ll postpone the Craftpunk meeting till the 19th. More time to bounce ideas! Please submit a proxy if you can’t be there. Cheers!

I was hanging out with the cool kids in Officeworks this evening, and while they’re not the cheapest, I did see couple of ideas for desks, ones that can deal with power cables. If I remember correctly, there’s enough space along the Eat Street side wall for 3 1200mm-long tables. I think something like two of those should have a sewing machine and the overlocker set up to go. I would also suggest getting a desk or table with the sublimation gear and a dedicated laptop/computer set up, an idea I’m ripping straight from Digifab.

My rough suggestions:

Simple and easy:

Super fancy, adjustable height for premium comfort:

And, a possible candidate for a dremel station/table:

I know Gabby has done research into factory second places, plus there’s Grey’s online and Gumtree, where businesses liquidate a lot of their furniture.

The other thing to pursue is the floor/wall revamp. I think if the lino guy on Gumtree still has stock, we could look at that again, and for paint, something light/white would be cheap and do the trick.

So, two voting items as I see it- one, do we want to do the paint/vinyl revamp? Two, the plan for work stations for sewing, overlocking, dremeling/jewellery, sublimination printing, as well as the existing messy bench. Lock those in?

I think we need the security screen on the window before the sewing machines go in.

Agreed. Make one of the agenda items a working bee to cut and fit it?

What time for the Craftpunk Meeting? I’d suggest 8pm.

PROXY!! :smiley: Don’t forget to submit a proxy if you can’t be at the meeting tonight.