Craftpunk Cause Meeting

Tuesday 20th - straight after the GM.

Bring your ideas, dreams and diaries as we meet to discuss - 1/ Changing to the new Team structure, and who would like to do what.
2/ Setting a date for a working bee to start designing our expanded Craftpunk rooms, and moving stuff about.

If you want to contribute to the discussion but can’t be there on Tuesday then PLEASE jump into this forum chat and share your ideas.

I recently asked if there were any tools or member familiar with glass works, Sun archers, leadlight/copper foiling and all that stuff.

I think my question quickly got swallowed with only one person saying they don’t think the space has anything like that and didn’t know any person that did but maybe some of the older members might know.

Specifically I have no idea how to do class stuff. Id say it’s a passing interest to learn but the classes at the glass guild are very expensive haha. But if the space has the tools I’d certainly give it a go as I think think it personally wise to invest in such if I’m not gonna make a full hobby out of it.

A glass grinder, a soldering iron (which the space might have?) And a glass scoring cutter seem to be the main tools aside from consumables.

If I’m not the only one curious about this craft that may be an option to invest in? Idk. I’ll try and come on the night too :slight_smile:

That I’m aware, from a brief Google search, you can kit your self out with glass working tools from Bunnings and Amazon for about $100. Including tungsten knives, pliers etc and a soldering or butane gass welder.

I’m not aware we have anything else suitable on site. I’m not clear on what a glass grinder is specifically, or how we would deal with the glass powder. I am assuming it would get into lungs and skin tissue etc.

So unless we have suitable stuff on site, the above mentioned should get you started. Kinda depends if $100 is in your range for trailing a hobby, but I’m not going to probe into your financials.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me can assist you further. :slightly_smiling_face:

Craftpunk Cause Meeting after the GM tomorrow night. Don’t forget! :slightly_smiling_face: