Craftpunk Meeting! 10-03-2020 Arranging furniture and planing the things!

Calling a meeting for 8:30pm

  • Celebrating the redecorating work
  • Making a plan for furniture/stations
  • Creating a list of machines for Jaimyn to make tags/labels for
  • Asking for volunteers to write up/update the wiki pages for the labels to go to

Adding to the list- plan out a power stopgap, purchase of cords and boards to be cabled in place

Any chance we could start a bit earlier? Maybe 8pm instead?

Sure, but it might not be right on 8, since I’ll be running inductions. atm we have 75 minutes worth of information crammed into 60 minutes :upside_down_face:

It’s why general meetings haven’t been kicking off on time lately :sweat_smile:

Cool beans. Let’s keep it at 8.30 then!

I’ll also chase our supplier again and see if I can get some pricing the gear to get power from the 3 phase socket to some regular 10amp outlets.

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re - increasing our electrical outlets

I’ve been looking into ways we can get the 3phase outlet usable. Tried a couple of options, and I’m back to one of these. $360 incl postage through ebay.

I’m still trying to get a better price through our supplier.
One of these would

  1. lessen the chance of overloading the 1 power point that comes from DigiFab
  2. Make it a bit easier to have power along the other wall

Motion that we get one, either from CP budget, or ask General as part of our refurb?

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I’ll poke our Treasurer for numbers, but we should be able to purchase one ourselves

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