Craftpunk meeting 20-04-2020

Opened: 20:45
Closed: 21:15

Tim, Paula, Eris, Emily, Kyia, Doc

Discussion meeting

People interested in being on the team- Tim, Paula, Emily, Doc

Original room is clean, new room is being dirty as it has water access

Working Bee- Sunday the 2nd at high noon

  • Move a piece furniture to make Eris happy
  • Identify what crafts are dirty and which are clean
  • Investigate water drainage
  • Investigate woodshop’s old dust extractor
  • Look into fixing the termite window
  • Emily to purchase cheapest Bunning paint
  • Emily to liaise with Ale about the window framing

Congrats to Craftpunk of being able to double its space!

Follow up from the working bee

Dremel station
Vaccumm chamber and pot
Messy bench for misc messy
Airbrush station
Clay and pottery
Pyrography and engraving

Sewing machines - normal x2, overlocker, embroidery, heavy duty machine
Button making
Sublimination printing
Vinyl cutting
OHT machine
Sewing patterns

Discussion of adding lead lighting and copper foiling to the range of crafting options

Discussion of buying materials for a jewellery table

Doc filled a crack
Kyia polished a knob
Emily used the sucking machine

Decided to install a handheld shower head for cleaning Screenprinting screens

Will look on gumtree for deep/laundry sink, something that will fit a bucket

Dust extraction from woodshop isn’t suitable, will grab a bathroom/kitchen extraction from Bunnings and use existing hole