Craftpunk meeting minutes 2020-01-07

2020-01-07 Craftpunk meeting minutes


  • Paula O’Donnell
  • Meka Beecham
  • Mike Ando
  • Michael Shepard
  • Tim Reichle
  • Brendan Halliday


  • Megs Drinkwater
  • Gabrielle Hewitt

Megs wants to borrow the button maker for large project, she will pay one month’s fee plus costs. The loan will be noted on the board.

Vote: Passed

Status of refit

  • Have done two walls
  • Meka has made the security grate for the window

Since there is a general discussion happening around redoing all of the floors throughout the space, Craftpunk will be a part of the general consensus and work for the larger project.

Next working Bee

  • Remove the air conditioner
  • Drill the frame directly into load-bearing beams
  • Put a board or piece of acrylic
  • Paint the remaining walls

Meka will work on the screen printing cabinet in his own time

Meka will be temperature testing the kiln

Estimates are between $50-$150 worth of electricity for firing the kiln.

For the next grant/causeleader meeting, Craftpunk nominates the following three machines:

Embroidery machine

Pottery wheel

Hobbyist Plastic injector moulder

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