Craftpunk Working Bee

13th of December 2020 from noon onwards

As discussed at the recent Cause Meeting, we’re having a working bee on Sunday 13th December from noon onwards.

There are a few areas you can choose to work on. There’s still plenty on the Wiki to be completed/updated. We’ll also be brainstorming ideas for the new room layouts. And then there are labels and signage that needs to be updated so all our cool tools are easy to find and to put away safe again.
Amongst all that I’m sure we’ll be having some fun.

Looking forward to hanging out! :slight_smile:

Is it just me or is there a window not locking?

From noon onward come along and help make Craftpunk the amazing Cause you want it to be.

Suggestions for things to work on

1.Work on Wiki Pages for

  • Patterns
  • Overlocker
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Other Small Tools/Material Resources Boxes
    eg Leather Hand tools Box, Casting and Moulding Box.
  1. Redo labels for Storage Boxes

  2. Discuss the fate of some resources we may no longer want to manage
    eg label makers

  3. Discuss ideas for the Expanded Rooms layout

Looking forward to hanging out with you! :slight_smile:

Is this Sunday 3rd Jan starting mid day?