Cratfpunk meeting minutes 08/09/2020

Craftpunk Meeting 08/09/2020

Open Meeting

In Attendance







Doc has nominated Emily as proxy

Guest: Yen-Rong

Quorum - 6 - Y


  1. Work to do - i/ Wiki, ii/ MSDS, iii/ Craftpunk Boneyard purge/reorder

(Any member is welcome to work away at these as opportunity allows)

iv/ Continue refurb of the Craftpunk Room

Move we find a date to have a dedicated working bee to progress completion of these things.

  • class/working bee for the wiki
  • physical working bee for the boneyard, getting overlocker and embroidery machine accessible

Working Bee 27th of September 10am

  1. Propose purchase - 5gal Vacuum Pot, couplings and hoses $200 (Paula could speak to this) budget includes getting it up and running.
  • The big white one is kickass
  • Eris knows the connections
  • Pot is useful for resin work
  • Suggestion to have a sacrificial pot

No abstaining, no against, passes

  1. Propose purchase - Better sewing machine (Emily and/or Gabby could speak to this)
  • Mainly in agreeance, needs research.
  1. Propose purchase - Jewelry table and tools (Eris could speak to this)

Proposal: $120 for a mini grinder for the space, it comes with a flexi-drill too.

$60 for an ultrasonic bath

$200 for wood/steel to build a jewelry workbench.

Vote Mini grinder- No abstaining, no against, passes

Vote ultrasonic bath- No abstaining, no against, passes

  • Needs to be put up as a discussion thread for the bench
  • Keep an eye out for a shaker
  1. Kiln - Discuss

i/ Current state of kiln

ii/ Options for improvement of kiln - Josh’s partner / professional kiln maintenance

iii/ Options for using kiln to generate income.

  • Long term we need a home for it that isn’t in the metal shop, preferably in a container with 3 phase power
  • Really needs patching up, needs kiln cement, $40 for a tub from Bunnings
  • Needs a new element, would be $200,
  • Needs new furniture, suggestion fro pottery supplies from Milton
  • Check with Alex, he’s going to be visiting soon
  • Ant Beecham has said he can do the work, but needs to commit to a timeframe

Put in general budget for kiln- $2000 to repair and purchase shelving

New kiln coming

  • Waiting on titanium delivery, built out of a microwave

Suggestion: Microwave kiln in the

For classes

  • need to take deposit in case of one item damaging all the others from explosions

  • Printing generally goes for $10 for kilo, $80 for full kiln

  • Need to look at a process for signing up to classes- getting covid details, getting pottery item details

  1. Grant suggestions -

i/ Leather stamping machine and tools - est $5000 ex UK or China

ii/ Leather skiving and leather splitter - Consew DCS-S4 Industrial Skiving Machine - quick ebay search $995

iii/ Sublimation Inkjet Printer. Sawgrass SG500 - $990

Jewellery classes

  • Look at buying class sets of hand tools