Cream coloured laser in digifab (please take over project)

Hi Everyone,

You may have noticed that there’s a creamy coloured laser cutter in digifab. I donated it a couple of years ago and have done a reasonable amount of work on it. Essentially all it needs is a proper cooling system (aquarium pump and frozen water bottles is not very user friendly) and a proper exhaust/air assist. Apart from that, last time I touched it it was working reasonably well.

However, I’ve not been able to commit to finishing it off and now it’s just gathering dust. I have more important priorities like being treasurer and working on space infrastructure. If someone wants to champion this and get it working that would be great. If no one has made it known they’d like to take over the project I’ll be putting it in the boneyard on Tuesday.


Hi Jaimyn,

If that makes it to the bone yard, would it be available for me to take home? I have been wanting to work on a laser cutter project at home for a while now.

Happy to make a donation to the space as well.