Createatorium Cause

Hey guys! I’ve started a Cause for the creative or arty pursuits that appeal to the Hacker species.
Have a look at my initial ideas here:

Got ideas? Wanna join? Anything else you think we should do? Want to contribute by helping me? Lets discuss!


I would like to learn model making techniques:

  • Sanding
  • Painting
  • Finishes
  • Basic electronics (non-arduino based)

for some idea of what the class could include see Moebius Jupiter 2 model kit :

Timeka I would like to run a workshop for your cause on Leather Craft 101, exploring the basics eg. cutting leather, hole punching, hammering eyelets and press studs etc. Would show people how to make leather accessories such as armbands etc, and they can use those techniques and apply them to bigger projects.

Probably should be a member of your cause first tho. And will wait until after the sign is finished before I take on any other projects : )

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Cool, thanks Nadine. I know some people keen to try leather working too :smiley: