Custom Cards Against Humanity how to make them

over the last few weeks I have been trying to find somewhere I can get some on these made, now that I have I am sharing this kinda guide with you all.

so first thing you want to start off with is 52 or more ideas of what you want on your cards, if you can only think of a few here is a good website that has other peoples submissions:

you can make both white and black cards as apart of one deck of cards
once you have found or thought of all the cards that you want I would suggest putting them into a notepad document with the setup like this.

once you have all the cards you want in note pad copy and paste all of you white cards into the cards text field on this website

leave the card color as White chose your expansion icon

it should look something like this

Hit Generate Cards, it will then start to make your cards for you, once this is all done it will show all you cards like this

once you are satisfied with all your cards Hit Download Zip, once you have downloaded you zip file extract them to you local HDD
save the Cards back to same space on the HDD``

the same is also done for the black cards but with choosing card colour as black and your game mechanic and download the black card back,``

once you have all your cards go over to
choose you card quality as (Premium 310gsm (linen)) choose you amount of cards you are making,
click Personalize It…

once you are one the above page select different images

now click Upload images

browse to where you extracted you cards. select all your cards white and black cards
hit open and wait for your cards to upload.

once all you cards have been uploaded you can click “Help me autofill images!” this will remove alot of this work for you

it should look something like this

make sure to take a screen shot of all you cards at this stage you will need it soon

click next step twice

once again select different images
upload your backs for black and white cards
then drag and drop back black and white cards to cards that require those backs

once you have done this hit next step twice

A preview will show up with front and back

you have now made your cards, place your order and it will be shipped to you within a few weeks.


… or u could do a mailmerge in msword and print them yourself onto glossy 120gsm stock with a laser printer on high resolution …