Cutting 6mm Aluminium

Today I recieved a box with an array of parts to make a 3d printer.
what i need is the aluminium frame and heatbed support.

can the space cutter handle this or does anyone know of a cutting service that doesn’t charge like a wounded bull?


I use laws laser with success, they’ve been really good to me. Others at the space have used the mob around the corner from the space with success also I hear. (Langford?)

If your looking to save a few bucks you could probably use one of the CNC routers at HSBNE to cut out aluminum, ask one of the Svens or Lionel as to which machine and tooling would be most appropriate. A shop would require less of your time though, so its certainly a time\money tradeoff.

There’s a few people at that space that have spares to sell.