Defense barriers for traffic/crowd control

Work has finally let me get rid of some barriers that have been hanging around like a bad smell.
They are normally $75 each. I have been told I can sell a pallet of 14 for $100

Would the space be interested?
I have a pic but apparently it’s too big for the forum

They are the orange interlocking barriers that can be moved by hand

some might cringe; if you edit the pic in ms paint and resize to ~60% save as jpg it should fall below 2mb :smile:

Wife finally stopped watching GoT

Here you go, would you believe that the file on my phone was 2.01mb?

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Interesting. It’s a cheap price but i am not sure the space has an immediate use for them. How long do you think you will keep them on hand at this price?

Not sure if I have seen them today. Might have been sold. Have told the boss that I know a group that will take them if he wants to donate them.
He said not to hold our breath

Spoke too soon looks like they went on the weekend

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