Delivering Items to the Space

So, I thinking that it would be good to be able to have stuff delivered to the space, but obviously we cant be sure if anyone is going to be here to collect items, and we dont want to leave them unsecured.

So I had an idea, maybe we can turn the room in at the front of the building into a locked area. Put a code lock onto it (even better if we could program one time codes) and a camera (and maybe other sensors).
Then we could get deliveries to the space and give them the code and instructions where to put it.

Now whilst the side gate is still there, this may not be an option, but if EDQ change the fenceline then couriers can get access to that area at anytime.


From what I can tell what would need to be done

  • Fix the door
  • Put some sort of code lock on it
  • Fix one of the windows that has come off
  • Maybe some bars or something on the windows
  • Pallets (to keep items off the ground)

you can get locks that do this sort of thing

This is the fourth or fifth time this has popped up and I think it’s a good idea, provided the Eat St gate is relocated as recently mentioned at the general meeting RE the lease.

I actually think that we probably don’t need the new fence as eat Street is usually open all day for other deliveries anyway.
I will put together a cost and put it up for vote.

You can definitely use something like that, we use a samsung one at work (that I installed) and it works pretty well. Ours uses smart cards and/or a pin code. However, the one at work (and it looks like the one you linked and most of them are similar) is an absolute pain to reprogram different codes in and you need to be physically present with the master code to do so. This makes it unsuitable for this purpose.

However, it should be very easy to integrate a pin pad lock the access system and put a door striker on there which would solve this problem. We could then generate codes as necessary for each delivery and leave it in the delivery notes. I’d also put a big sign on the door advising them to check the delivery notes for the pin as most delivery drivers don’t check the notes. We should also have signs on the gate and main doors explaining where to leave deliveries if no HSBNE member is on site.

Another thing that could be done in addition to, or instead of, is to create a delivery “chute”. Kind of like a larger version of the AusPost mailboxes. We could potentially build one onto that door or replace the window that has come off with a bit of plywood and build this onto that. I think it would probably be easier to build an electronic one that when closed, lowers one side enough for the package to slide off onto a little chute. This way we wouldn’t have to try and design a mechanical one that is both secure enough to stop someone reaching in etc and gentle enough with the packages as some things might not like a drop into a container. This would be dead simple and just require a hinged platform with a small geared motor and a reed sensor to detect the door closing.