Deoes anyone have a 3d printer we can place on the cart during the parade? I've got a 150Watt power inverter

Just a thought. It would be cool to have a working 3d printer during the parade running off a battery and a power inverter.

ok you may want to get a bigger power inverter because that will not do it e.g mine needs 350w , unless you have a really low power printer(rare),and also a printer on a cart will have to be calibrated all the time if shaking at all(will not give a good print at all) unless you ask someone that has a lulzbot(can be put upside down and give off ok prints)

Do you need the inverter?
Just run it from the battery, most printer run from 12-24v

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Can we use the inverter to run a smoke machine instead? I’m hoping to get one on loan for the parade.

My dad’s printer doesn’t extrude but it moves around etc. We could use that since it’s not calibrated anyway.