Design a wall mounted headphone stand and it could become an actual silverstone product

Basically all details in the video on Linus Tech Tips’s YouTube channel here;

Note this isn’t a random draw, the best design will be chosen. There is no prize money, but the 1st place winner will receive 3 anodized solid aluminum headphone stands of their design (one silver, one black and one is a one off exclusive gold) and it’ll become an official Silverstone product sold worldwide, which is probably something decent to write on your CV. The 9 other runners up will also recive their choice of silver or black of their design and the designs will be featured on the Linus Tech Tip channel.

Finally all the top designs will have the 3d modals made available, so even if you don’t feel like spending the cash on a aluminum version you can print and try out a few to sort out your desk. I don’t actually even use a headphone stand for my headphones (cheaper pair lives straight on top of my PC) but I have used the existing desk mounted silver stone product for both sorting cables and displaying objects when looks are I priority so I can say they are build ridiculously well.

Best of luck to you all, the contest closes on the 8th.