Device Certification

Thanks @devians for the tour yesterday during the open night, was great to see all the space and the pretty wide range of equipment/work spaces.

My colleague & I are pretty new to the hardware side of things (we’re mostly software guys) so I was wondering if any of the members had experience with device certification, or could point me in the direction of someone that might. Looking into it from an RF/3G & power point of view. We’re not building custom components at the moment for our prototype, just putting together off the shelf bits.

Look forward to meeting more of you guys in the new year.


One of our members, Seppo, owns and runs and knows how to do device certification and compliance, and has also done quite a bit with RF and 3G. So, if you get to a point where you want comercial help, I suspect he’s a good place to start!. :slight_smile:

Fantastic, thanks @buzz I’ll check it out.