Digifab Cleanup 2019

Hi folks,

Digifab has been accumulating a lot of cruft over the past while, so since the newyear is coming up it seemed like a good time to start to cull and return the area to a functional state.

So, today I collected a lot of the random rods and other parts that aren’t immediately useful for our current crop of printers and have put it aside in the trolley outside the door for sorting into the boneyard and/or bin. Please feel free to take anything out of the trolley but unless it’s useful for the machines we have it really shouldn’t return.

I’ve also sorted through the filament floating around on the benches and have put aside any PLA that was brittle due to being left out and I removed a few rolls of filament that had so little material left on the rolls that they were practically useless.

I Also tidied up the wiring under the bench for the printers on top and had a general cleanup in the room.

After this, the benches look a lot more usable, looking like this below:

There’s still a bunch of work to be done to return the room to a fresh usable state and I’d like to work with some other members who use the area on Tuesday to see what we can get done.

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