DigiFab Meeting 01/09/2020 8:15PM (lets spend some money)

DigiFab Meeting 01/09/2020 8:15PM

Time: 8:15 pm
After General meeting
Date 01/09/2020

If you know you will be unable to attend the meeting, please send
through the following proxy form before the meeting to

Or visit the following link to submit it online


I, of (insert address), being a member of the association, appoint
(insert name) of (insert address) as my proxy to vote for me on my
behalf at the Digifab Cause meeting of the association, to be held on
the day of (date) and at any adjournment of the meeting.
Signed this day of (date).



Due ti covid-19 alot of the last items we voted on didnt really get purchased in the time limit of 3 months so i am putting them up for vote again
Purchase of the following

but changing it over to Raspberry Pi 4 and adding a few more onto it
5 x Raspberry Pi 4 https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-4-model-b-2gb.html $375
5 x PSU https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-4-official-power-supply-usb-c-5v-15w-black.html $85
3 x Case https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-4-case-red-white.html $70
$530 + $12.15 for shipping
Total $542.15

5 X https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/sandisk-ultra-32gb-micro-sdhc-memory-card-sdsq32gb?scrollTop=false
For OS on pi
$15 each
Total: $75

FYI: https://www.cheapchips.com.au/sandisk-ultra-microsdhc-uhs-i-32gb

Fake and non genuine cards are a huge issue with online resellers, and I would be very hesitant to purchase any from anyone other than a big name like Officeworks, JB Hi Fi etc. I’d much rather spend a few extra bucks and get known good/genuine cards (or have a physical store to pop into if they somehow end up being fake). Fake cards result in much lower performance, reduced service life, and increased risks of data corruption and failure.

At my old job, I randomly audited all of our micro SD and SD cards by doing read/write tests and inspecting the printed text etc. and found about 50% of the cards were fake so these fears certainly aren’t unfounded fwiw. https://photographylife.com/fake-memory-cards

I can vouch for this vendor, I have purchased from them before. The cards come in genuine packaging and have all the documentation and signs of a legit card. They are based in Australia so consumer law also applies.

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Can digifab set a budget for buying ezabl/bltouch probes and whambam beds? These two additions made my printer vastly more reliable.

whambam also sell a silicon pad thing for helping work with resins for resin printers which should help solve some of the current issues. Getting one of the anycubic cleaners might also be a good idea?

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I’d like to raise a motion for a budget of $200 USD (approximately $290 AUD at the time of writing) to purchase 4x BL Touch units for the two CR-10 and the two CR-X machines. I have one of these on my CR-10 v2 and it’s great.

I’d like to raise a $100 budget to replace the power supply for the Photon resin printer.

I’d like to amend the digi fab operating policy to add the following. The intention behind this is to increase the reliability and up time of our fleet of 3D printers as recently they have been constantly broken and unable to be used by members. It’s also extremely tiring to have to constantly repair them.

3D Printers

Some of our 3D printers are for the use of HSBNE members to print their creations. They are not for experimenting and fiddling with. Excessive experimentation with slicer settings and use outside of their normal operating limits often cause unexpected breakdowns. As such, it is prohibited to run custom G-code on some of our printers.

No Custom G-code Allowed

The following 3D printers are not allowed to be “fiddled with” or have custom G-code loaded on them unless you’ve obtained explicit consent from the cause leader or a listed maintainer.

  • Left CR-10
  • Left CR-X
  • Taz 5
  • Up Mini (you must use the Up software but can tweak any of the settings in this)

Custom G-code allowed

The following 3D printers are allowed to have custom G-code uploaded or other parameters tweaked. However, if you have used any custom parameters or G-code and the printer breaks down while you’re using it, you are responsible for returning it to a working state.

  • Photon Mini (as we don’t have an “upload and print” process yet)
  • Right CR-10
  • Right CR-X