DigiFab Meeting 21/01/2020 8:15PM

DigiFab Meeting 21/01/2020 8:15PM

Time: 8:15 pm
After General meeting
Date 21/01/2020

If you know you will be unable to attend the meeting, please send
through the following proxy form before the meeting to

Or visit the following link to submit it online


I, of (insert address), being a member of the association, appoint
(insert name) of (insert address) as my proxy to vote for me on my
behalf at the Digifab Cause meeting of the association, to be held on
the day of (date) and at any adjournment of the meeting.
Signed this day of (date).


Purchase of the following

but changing it over to Raspberry Pi 4
3 x Raspberry Pi 4 https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-4-model-b-1gb.html $171
3 x PSU https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-4-official-power-supply-usb-c-5v-15w-black.html $45
3 x Case https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-4-case-red-white.html $37.5
$253.35 + $12.15 for shipping
Total $265.50

as well as the following policy changes

please feel free to add agenda items

I’d like to propose a budget of $200 to replace the ageing and furry shelf next to the laser cutter with this racking set:

This will then take full use of the space in the corner and means we can fit the sheets of precut acrylic side-by-side.

Also to go alongside with the Pi 4 upgrade the sd cards in our existing Pis are old and potentially dying. I’d like to ask for a budget of $30 to buy 3 new microsd cards that will work in the existing pis and also in the new ones.

I’d like to request a budget of $100 that will cover the cost of the enclosure I recently built for the Left CR10.

I’d like to request changes to the following sections of the digifab cause operating policy. It’s mainly just tidying it up a little bit and adding some more ongoing budgets.

Cleaning Policy

Digital Fabrication contains equipment that is sensitive to dust and mess. The room must be cleaned by users of the tools according to the signage in the room and this policy. There is a whiteboard in the room that indicates the last time cleaning happened. If it has been longer than the requirement for the tool you’re using, you must vacuum the room and wipe down all horizontal surfaces. You will be dinged and referred to the executive for a potential ban (depending on the case) if you ignore this rule.

<insert table of time required between cleaning for tool use - I don’t remember it off the top of my head>

Ongoing Budgets

  • Monthly consumables discretionary - $100. This is for purchases of cause consumables not included in any of the budgets below.
  • Quaterly filament discretionary - $300. This budget can be used every 3 months to buy new filament.
  • Monthly repair discretionary - $150. This budget can be used to purchase new parts and cover any expenses related to repairs or upgrades of digifab tools as determined necessary by the cause leader.

Cause Area Rules


  • leave the area cleaner than you found it.
  • don’t create mess in the Digifab room, our tools are sensitive to dust etc.
  • return tools to their homes and don’t remove them from the Digifab room.
  • read the wiki before attempting to use a tool in Digital Fabrication.
  • don’t leave machines running unattended.
  • don’t use tools that are marked as out of order.
  • pay for all consumables you use unless they are for improving digifab or HSBNE infrastructure.
  • don’t use your own consumables in a machine unless you have received permission from a maintainer of that machine.
  • precisely follow a tool’s workflow unless you have received permission from a maintainer of that tool to adjust it.
  • report all broken or misbehaving tools using the “Report Issue” link in the portal or by sending an email to issues@hsbne.org.
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In respect to both keeping the DigiFab room clean, and the proposals for an overarching site wide design plan, I’d like to suggest we discuss ideas for changing the flooring.

Fyi I’ve just updated the digifab wiki page with all the changes that were approved in the meeting last night.

Minutes for this meeting have been published on the wiki at https://wiki.hsbne.org/meetings/causes/digifab/20200121