Digifab meeting, Tuesday 2nd Feb

Hi all!

There will be a Digifab meeting on Tuesday 2nd of February at around 8pm. Current agenda items:

-Update on tooling statuses
-Reimburse @riumplus 162.61 for the laser cutter cleaning supplies from Edmund Optics
-Up to $180 (to cover exchange rate fluctuations etc) to purchase this digitiser touch probe for a CNC http://cnc-plus.de/en/Router-Accessories/3D-Digitizer--43mm-CNC-Digitizing-Touch-Probe-Sensor-.html

Regarding the laser cutter cleaning supplies - a while ago I purchased a kit for cleaning the lasers for HSBNE. This is serious cleaning equipment for pro lasers, and since we’re hopefully having two laser cutters operational one day, I thought it best to go proper. It’s enough stuff to last us almost forever, at least a decade. I bought it because it was necessary to get the machine going, and one of the only reasons the red machine is currently cutting nicely is because we used it on that machine. :wink: However, there’s a few caveats for this equipment, because it’s fragile as all heck and to be honest I don’t trust leaving it at the space - even in the server room. A single curious person to open the box and take something out without first donning gloves will mean we have to throw it away and buy new parts - I’m serious here, it’s THAT delicate, it’s clean-room style equipment. So I’d like to keep it off-site for now, and as part of this I’d like to make some statements:
-I agree that it is to be considered property of HSBNE
-I will present it to HSBNE whenever requested by another member skilled in laser cleaning or by the executive
-If I am unavailable to present it, another member is welcome to pick it up from me at any time
-If I cease to be a member for whatever reason or I go on longterm holiday, I will return it to HSBNE
-When the tool armoury is done, it will go in there so I don’t have to hassle with looking after it as we’ll then have proper secure storage for it on-site
-If there’s anything else that anyone would like me to agree to, I’m more than happy to agree to whatever. :slight_smile: