Digifab Moving Plan

With the moving plans kicking off, here’s where Digifab stands.

Digifab hasn’t started packing yet. In a similar boat to Woodshop, we’re waiting for some of the palleting gear to be acquired, particularly for our bigger items (ie the laser cutters, fume extractor, chiller and scraps cabinet). In the meantime, there are a few things that can be done.

Loaned equipment will need to be picked up.

Remaining equipment that are not in current use need to be boxed up; this includes the wash and cure station and the 3D scanners, and the scales on the top shelf.

The Bambu 3D printer is considered still in-use; if you’re relying on the Bambu to finish a project, please get in now before official machine lock-out on the 11th of August. This includes the computer in the room, and the shelves that they’re on.

The other 3 3D printers (and associated non-bambu filaments) are all considered on-sale items. These shall stay out for ease of access for selling, until the 11th.

This only leaves the tools, spares, and other miscellaneous items.

Tools: There’s only a small number of tools, and they’re not at all dissimilar from the usual tools in the rest of the space. These can be packed away immediately. I wouldn’t mind if they were packed with the other tools, however if that’s not possible then in a box with other digifab stuff is fine; they’re actually already in a tub, which should make packing easier(ish).

Spares: The Bambu spares shall remain out until they can be packed with the Bambu; the others are for the CR-Xs (or even older, no-longer-around printers), so can stay out to be given to the buyer(s) of the CR-Xs, or thrown away in the case of the unrelated items.

Miscellaneous items: These should either be discarded if deemed useless, or packed up where it makes sense to do so. There are a bunch of network/power cables on the shelves - we should keep these. There is a pump or motor that has lived in the 3D printer room for the longest time, and I personally don’t know of it’s ownership or use; if somebody does know and can share, then please do. I’d consider it scrap otherwise.

Once the contents of the “rear” shelves have been cleared, the shelves can be disassembled and/or repurposed for storage (if they suit the task). The “rear” shelves are the ones with the tools, spares etc on them.

After lock-out, the Bambu, computer, and remaining equipment (just shelves by my count?) can be packed away. There was a suggestion that the Bambu and some other items can be packed into the Big Red laser cutter, and we will see about doing so (we have not kept the Bambu’s original box). The shelves, once empty, can then be disassembled and/or re-used as well.

Thanks everyone for pitching in with the packing so far. It’s been heartening to see so many of you banding together and helping out the whole space in this time of great need, and I’m only sorry that I’m not as available as the rest of you are.

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I feel you would be better off “not” packing anything inside the laser cutter for two reasons.

Anything inside could knock the laser and break or misalign it badly (what happens if it accidentally gets tipped onto its side or lands upside down).
This would add to the weight and possibly cause it to be dropped, badly handled, and possibly OHS issues when lifting.