DigiFab Open Social Meetup, 7pm-9pm, Thursday night 23/03/23

Hey Everyone!

Social Meetup time!

Digifab is running a weekly social open night on Thursday, from 7pm. Come along and meet other Laser Cutting and 3D printing enthusiasts, show off your stuff, and learn new things!

Show and Tell - Have you got some cool Digifab tech at home you want to show off? Bring it along! (as long as it fits in your car!) Or maybe a project you want to show off that you made in some part using DigiFab tech (in space or at home)? Bring that along too!

Debugging/Help - Got a problem with your printer, laser cutter or having trouble with producing an item you have in mind? We can’t teach you CAD in a night (especially if we don’t really know it in the first place) but for those small issues somebody might have run into before, feel free to ask!