Digifab Team Members and Volunteers wanted!

Hey Folks,

Ale and I are trying to revive Digifab, and need some extra people to help out, either as Members or Volunteers. If you love creating new things out of melted plastic, blasting UV light at liquid until it’s solid, or cutting things with lasers, we want to hear from you!*

We need 1 more person (at a minimum) to get involved as a Team Member in order to form the team please either respond to this forum post, or reach out to myself or Ale on Discord!

  • Duties may not actually include actively melting, light-blasting or laser-cutting.
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Yep, I’m in.

Glad to have you @Tsagadai!

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I may be of some help on other tasks but probably not good on answering chat questions

@Embedded_Guy sorry for the late reply - happy to have you as well! :grinning:

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