Digifab updates

Hey team,

I spent most of today working on improving digifab documentation. I have completed the following:

  • Added wiki pages for each machine that didn’t already have one using the new tool template. I made sure to include the machine name and picture of machine but didn’t have time to complete the whole template for each one.
  • Created and printed/laminated a JIT (just in time) documentation sheet for every 3D printer. This includes before use, during use, and after use steps, and a QR Code/NFC tag that links to the wiki page. These are in digifab but haven’t been put up yet - I’ll get to this on Tuesday.
  • I made a JIT sheet for the forklift now that it’s operational again with the help of @Thermoelectric. I also added a wiki page for this, but didn’t have time to completely fill out the template.
  • I setup the https://shlink.io/ URL shortener on porthack01 and migrated all of the current shortened URLs over to it. This looks much nicer than the previous yourls we were using and isn’t hosted on my personal server anymore. :slight_smile:
  • I fixed a minor bug/edge case in the portal so @zach.forrester could add a new card for spacebucks.
  • I also finally picked up a new display cable and swapped the sign in kiosk over to a new computer. It’s significantly faster and has heaps more RAM so I’m hoping that will stop most of the freezing problems we were having.

New digifab wiki looking more full:

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Fantastic work, Jaimyn