Discourse @ HSBNE now supports mailing list mode

Pictures tell a thousand words,

I enabled these in the Admin (along with all the supporting config):

So that you can enable these in your user preferences:

And discourse will then send you emails for everything on here, exactly as the google group did. Hooray!

A quick few points before I leave you to it:

  • Theres a 10min delay between a post on the web interface and the email being sent out, in order to allow time for edits and the like. This is configurable and I assume we will tweak it as we get user feedback.
  • Replies do not show up instantly, its a pop3s polling system so theres a slight delay between polls.
  • It seems to work best when you either use it just via email, or just via the web.
  • There is, at the time of writing, no way to create new threads via email. I will let everyone know as soon as this feature becomes available
  • I will be moderating people who leave email signatures in their replies, as this is freaking annoying on a forum
  • I have not played with it much, but I dont think you get inline replying, or what a forum would call quoting, at this time. If you want to utilise the nice quoting features of discourse, use the web interface.

Happy emailing everyone :slight_smile:

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YAY! this is awesome work josh!

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Is this on or off by default?

Off by default. You’ll need to check the boxes “Receive an email every time a post is made on the forum (unless you have muted the topic or category)” and “Recieve email notifications and email digests even if I am active on the forum” to get all of the email features.

It is off by default.

This reply was done via email.

edit via interface: as an example of the slight polling lag, my reply was a minute or so before nogs. Or, actually, come to think of it, i probably percieved it as that due to the lag of emails being sent to me, so nog probably did beat me to it by a fair bit.

I moved 15 posts to a new topic: Testing the new Mailing List Feature

I moved a post to an existing topic: Testing the new Mailing List Feature

Discourse now supports new topics via mail in. I’ve enabled this on a per category basis, starting with the general category.

If you would like to start new topics in General via email, direct your ramblings to discourse+general@hsbne.org