DIY Air Tunnel

thinking about blowing air we should make a vertical wind tunnel and fly around in it

Its a fantastic air compressor, not so sure its that fantastic though haha. If we can find a giant ass fan somewhere I’m totally 100% down with that plan.

You’d need a propeller off a dc3 and a roughly 1000hp power plant to spin it. electric or petrol probably doesn’t matter though so that gives u options…

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Really? That much you think? Holy shit.

This link says they start as 1000hp and go to 2 100hp. …

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You’d need ten circuits of our current 3 phase to provide that sort of power, so its not really possible electrically on our current location, although you can certainly get reciprocating engines or turbines in that output if you have the money.

Having said that if you where to use a wing suit in the tube it’d reduce the requirements massively, with the terminal velocity (thus our required wind speed) of a regular skydiver being 180-230kp/h and the lowest recorded wing-suit only 40kp/h. Under this set of conditions it’d certainly be possible to make something like this work, but I’d expect that to get the sort of size you’d want to fly around in its a many thousand dollar build (~$20k for the motor brand if your going to buy brand new). However its still going to cost less than a new car, so it sits within the budget of something you could individually sponsor or crowd-fund rather than needing a grant\corporate involvement, that is assuming you are willing to put the hours into it for the construction from basic building materials.

Of course you can actually skydive a lot of times for that same amount, so its up to you if such a large expensive build is worth it, but it’d certainly be cool to do.

Get 2 LS1 engines, fit extractors and make one of my individual throttles and tune the fueling. Bam, 1,000hp right there. If you made a narrower tube it could run off 1 engine for a much simpler solution.

Bare in mind though that each LS1 will have 8 400cc/minute injectors running at close to 100% duty cycle to push 500hp, so that’s 3.2L of petrol per minute, or roughly $4.50 per minute. Double that for the full-sized tube.

A great alternative that we could feasibly do is a smaller cheaper engine (like the EA series Buzz uses on his gyro), and tie the rider to a large aluminium-framed box kite. This would allow you to fly ~5M above the ground.

i was looking at those big fuel tanks in the next depot if we could tap a line into those then run a jet engine we could have all the power we could ever need for free

Apparently they’re actually sulphuric acid! the more you know

So we build some really big lead acid cells :smiley:

Less “big”, more “going to take up a building”. Heck, would be better off with a generator/mains to feed the monster unless we just happen to have a few hundred KW wind turbine/solar array to store…